. lockdown .

Hi everyone!

At this time the store is not open.  Legally we aren't allowed to be open. Just to save anyone that isn't aware from coming to the store + being disappointed - I am not open and am not consistently in the store. I am sincerely sorry for any inconvenience.  Trust, I am not loving this anymore than you are. 

Here are some details regarding orders and the store at this time.

Local Pickup : To limit the interaction, as well as allowing looser pickup times, I have set up a pickup box at a home in Stratford.  If you place an order for pick up, ignore the automated email that sends and I will reach out to work out a day that suits on both our ends for the item to be placed in the box to be picked up.  

Exchanges :  We aren't going to worry about deadlines on exchanges this season.  Let's just work together as best we can through this.  If you are able to wait for the store to reopen that would be great.  If not, please shoot me an email and we can figure out a plan :)  The online store is still live (obviously;) so if your item is on the website and you are hoping to swap out a size, definitely reach out so I can pull the item off the website.

Winter Sale : Any long term customers know I normally do two huge blowouts a year - with one always being January/February.  I really hate to disappoint anyone but I have had to accept I can't do everything.... no matter how much I want to!  Sales take a considerable amount of behind the scenes organization and effort.  I'll be honest, and I am sure I am not alone in this, I am already exhausted with what I am currently trying to manage.  But! I promise when things allow (my sanity, as well as this world pandemic) I will put together the greatest Juno Sale you have ever seen! 

New Inventory : Normal years I would be getting my Spring + Summer inventory arriving in three chunks in January-February-March.  This year.. who knows?  As many are aware, these orders are placed months and months in advance.  Mid 2020 I had to make a call on what to order for this season; I purchased confidently and optimistically, hoping for a great 2021 season.  So we have a lot on the way, more than seasons past! I only share this so you all know we are here for 2021 and will be giving it all we have!  With all the amazing merchandise coming in the upcoming months, whether we can open our doors or just focus everything to the online realm... it is going to be great!

If you are needing to reach me please email junokidsclothes@gmail.com.  With all the different social media platforms and the interactions on them amping up, it is sometimes hard to catch time sensitive inquiries (they can get mixed into a lot of different notifications and I am not totally versed with these social platforms yet.  Side note: Anyone want a social media job? Haha can't pay much but can offer mad product discount;) Anyways, email is best but am doing my best with the socials too.

We will continue through this year by following the guidance of the government and do our best to roll with the ever evolving pandemic measures as positively as possible.  One point of gratitude for me this year, I got the store online and you guys have been amazing in supporting that!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!